4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Ecommerce Sales by 4X

Do you see Artificial Intelligence only as a product of science fiction? Hit the brake. It has already sneaked into your day-to-day life. From Amazon to eBay, almost all online retailers have realized its role in upping sales. Seth Godinthe marketing expert, has put it rightly,

“Artificial Intelligence does a job we weren’t necessarily crazy about doing anyhow, it does it quietly, and nicely, and then we take it for granted.”

If you’re an online retailer but not using AI yet, this blog will tell you why you should implement AI for ecommerce store right now. Let’s take a dive into the blog.

Personalized Shopping Experience: Personalization customizes your customers’ shopping journey. Your store is already collecting huge information about the visitors using Google Analytics like their demography, browser, and so on. All these info are reliable.

The more your users interact with the content on the site, the more accurately the site will be able to give personalized experience. That’s where Machine Learning comes in. It creates visuals, messages, etc to bring the content in which your visitor is specifically interested. As such, the visitors will feel that the site can almost read their minds.

Battle Fake Reviews: Customer reviews are the key elements of shaping a buying decision. 87% of shoppers believe these reviews. But, sometimes these reviews are fake too. The fake reviews are written by peers to bring down the sales of the store’s owner. However, common mass cannot distinguish between fake and genuine reviews.

Earlier, Amazon was using an average rating system, when it comes to reviews. But, in that, a small negative review was affecting other positive reviews and vice versa. To resolve the issue, Amazon implemented an AI to pick a review that seems to be genuine. AI verifies the user, considers recency, upvotes, and other such factors to determine whether a review is genuine.

Managing Inventory and Predicting Sales: Predicting the sales is one of toughest job in ecommerce industry. Telling how much products will be sold within the given deadline has become possible with the evolution of AI.

AI software counts on historical data to help the sale departments in:

  • Finding out the least and the most popular products for a specific period

  • Forecasting how upcoming events will drive sales

  • Suggesting products that the marketers can easily promote on a specific date

When you’ve all these info, managing inventory of stock becomes easy. It also helps you to slash down waiting and storage costs.

Visual Search: Recognition of images through visual search is also increasing at a fast rate. This is a great usage of AI for ecommerce store. Customers get instantly and exactly what they want. It eases the customers’ journey, enabling them to checkout quickly. As for instance, the Len’s Tool of PInterest. Users can pick an image that he wants to buy and use the Len’s Tool of the site to reach the site offering that particular product.


The Bottom Line

Use of AI is changing the ecommerce landscape. If you want to implement AI in your ecommerce store, consider redesigning your website from our professionals.

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Source: https://completewebgraphics198359812.wordpress.com/2019/04/10/4-ways-artificial-intelligence-can-boost-your-ecommerce-sales-by-4x/