5 Content Marketing Ideas for May 2019

From science fiction to education to research, there are plenty of ways to connect with consumers through content marketing in May 2019.

Content marketing is the act of creating or curating content, sharing content, and distributing content. Done well, content marketing attracts, engages, and retains customers.

What follows are five content marketing ideas for your business to try in May 2019.

1. Star Wars Day: May 4

“May the force be with you” is one of the best-known lines in the Star Wars story.

Say it fast enough, and it sounds a bit like “May the fourth.” For this reason, May 4, 2019, is Star Wars Day. It presents a content marketing opportunity since the franchise is so popular. The movies have earned nearly $10 billion in box office revenue, according to Statista.

What’s more, nearly half of Americans have seen “The Empire Strikes Back,” and a much higher percentage of American adults have seen at least one of the Star Wars movies. The odds are good that some of your customers are going to be fans of the series.

For May 2019, consider creating articles, videos, or podcasts that connect your business with the Star Wars story.

For example, an online store selling kitchen supplies could focus on the food and drink in Star Wars films. In fact, a few publications have done similar posts.

This general idea could be applied to other sorts of online stores, too. Here are some possible article headlines.

  • Online clothing store: “10 Top Fashion Trends in the Star Wars Movies.”
  • Shoe store: “Stars Wars Boots, Sandals, and More: A Look at Footwear in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.”
  • Power-tool store: “Tools and the Force: A Look at Tools and Construction in Star Wars.”

2. National Teacher Day: May 7

Content marketing helps your business connect with consumers along common interests. When your business shares a story that relates to something an individual cares about, there is a connection.

National Teacher Day honors the contribution of teachers. It is a good opportunity to thank teachers and share stories.

For your company’s May 2019 content, consider interviewing employees or even customers about the teachers they remember. Weave these interviews together into a National Teacher Day post. Create something that will remind your readers of their own best teachers.

3. Create a Survey

Customer surveys can be an excellent source of content that is at once engaging and informative.

Here is an example. A direct-to-consumer electric bike maker conducted a survey in the first quarter of 2019. The company offered a $50 gift card as an incentive. Using its email list and social media channels, the business received more than 1,150 responses to the 19-questions.

One of the key findings had to do with age. It turns out something like 90 percent of electric bike owners or interested shoppers are Baby Boomers.

The company released a portion of the survey results as an article in late March, and it will publish two more articles, a report, and a press release based on the survey results.

For May 2019, conduct a customer survey aimed at creating results you can write about.

4. Cite Scientific Research

Closely related to customer surveys is reviewing third-party scientific research. The aim is to find surveys and studies that encourage your customers and prospects.

Imagine for a moment you manage an online store selling fitness gear and apparel. Your customers are trying to get in shape and stay healthy. Many of them may even be exercising to combat dangerous health conditions, such as type-2 diabetes. Thus you could write about research supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

Reports about how running or biking could help to fight type-2 diabetes may interest visitors to a fitness site. Photo: Jenny Hill.

Here are a few examples pulled from a simple search on Google Scholar.

A merchant selling fitness gear could use any of these research papers as part of its content marketing efforts in May 2019.

5. Take a Tour

May is a good time to travel within the United States. The weather is pleasant. People are outside. There are many interesting things to write about.

So here is a concept. Take your business and its key products on a road trip. Along the way, create articles and videos to tell an interesting story about your company, the things you sell, and the people you meet.

As an example, if you have an online skate shop, hop in a van and visit five of the most iconic skate parks in the country. At each one, set up a booth and sell products. As you sell, interview the skaters and listen to their stories.

At the end of each day, publish a blog post, a video, or a bunch of compelling photos.

Your company should apply this to the industry it serves. A clothing store could go on a street tour in five large cities. An online hardware shop could visit the three largest construction site in the country. A kitchen supply shop could visit famous restaurants.

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Source: https://www.practicalecommerce.com/5-content-marketing-ideas-for-may-2019