9 Easy Tips For Improving Your Ecommerce Email Marketing

So much of business is handled over the internet these days. The world of eCommerce is booming and it’s not hard to see why that is: the world is online nowadays, and it represents an excellent opportunity for business, with the ability to sell to people who, previously, you would never have been able to connect with. One of the multitude of tools available to you, as the operator of an eCommerce brand, is email marketing. Email marketing is a unique way to market your products and services. It allows you to talk directly with your individual clients and gives you unlimited opportunities to boost your sales. However, getting it right can be deceptively difficult.

Here are some tips:

  • 1.    Use Segmentation

Blanket emails have a central drawback- they often seem very ‘blanket email’-like. Marketing is very often not an enjoyable experience for the person being marketed to, but it actually doesn’t have to be that way. One way to guarantee that it’ll feel awful is if the user feels like they are one of a huge crowd. Use segmentation to tailor your emails to the individual, or at the least, to the demographic.

  • 2.    Format For Mobile

So much of everything is conducted on the move nowadays, using the increasingly sleek UI of tablets and smartphones. Many of these devices will ping up a notification to their owner when they receive an email. If they open it and it’s a total mess on their screen, they will delete it or, even worse, unsubscribe altogether. Invest a bit to ensure that your emails look good when read on the go as well.

  • 3.    Be Festive

Finding out all of the holiday seasons for wherever you are marketing your company gives you the ability to put a more engaging spin on your targeted email marketing. Put out a special deal for Christmas or Chinese New Year, relating it to the festive period itself. This is a creative way to really earn some good faith with your recipients.

  • 4.    Have Well Written Content

It’s perhaps a little obvious, but poorly written emails are going to get you nowhere. It’s a real opportunity to show how professional and inventive you are, with a well-optimized subject line and well-written body text.

  • 5.  Use Visuals

If a recipient opens a marketing email and it is simply a whole block of text, you’re going to really struggle to capture your audience and make it a marketing email that really gets through to its audience. One way to break up the text and make the email much more engaging is using visuals. Go easy with these though, they delay the loading time and can affect the formatting.

  • 6.   Remind Them Of Unfinished Business

One of the cleverest eCommerce email tactics is to remind customers what they last did on your website. A really good plan is to contact customers who are hovering in the checkout area. This can give them the nudge they need towards completing their purchase or following through on a click they made on your site.

  • 7.   Diversify Media Content

Emails can contain text naturally, but you ought to be looking for ways to shake up what you present to them. So, look into alternate media. Maybe embed a gif, or put some video content in, or even just some photos.

  • 8.   Consistency

When it comes to marketing emails, the more consistent your schedule is, the better. Don’t worry about ‘hassling’ your audience, just make sure that you are present, on hand for any time they are in the mood for doing some shopping.

  • 9.   Secret Deals

Lastly, you can really make your audience feel special by giving them little gifts. It makes the experience of being on your mailing list feel like a special club. Give them 10% off an item in their basket or a 2 for 1 deal that others can’t see, they’ll appreciate it.


Be imaginative, consistent and professional and you can start to make something really special of your mailing list. eCommerce companies thrive when you are able to find a way to get ahead, so don’t waste this chance with bland content.

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