18 Slack Apps and Bots for Team Collaboration

Slack is a collaboration hub for teams, providing a single place for messaging, tools, and files. For small businesses, Slack can be a helpful platform to create and develop, especially with the thousands of integrated apps and bots in the Slack App Directory.

Here is a list of integrated apps and bots from Slack and third-party vendors to enhance team productivity. There are tools to access information, test websites, resolve issues, run meetings, manage projects, and more. Small teams can try Slack for an unlimited period at no cost, and nearly all of these apps have free plans.

Apps and Bots

Simple Poll is an app to create native polls within Slack. Create simple and anonymous polls with ease. Price: Free.

GrowthBot assists marketing and sales teams to be more productive by helping them get answers, manage data, and receive notifications. GrowthBot connects to systems such as HubSpot CRM, Google Analytics, and MailChimp to provide data and answers to common questions. Price: Basic plan is free. Premium plans start at $6.67 per month.

Intro is a private professional network for your Slack team. Create a full member directory of your Slack team members, with detailed profiles. Members can add their contacts to a shared team network. Price: Free.

Digg offers a Slack bot to search for the latest news about any topic. Get trending news alerts and stay current with the twice-daily Digg Edition, delivered to your Slack channel. Price: Free.

Tettra is a wiki and knowledge management platform to work with Slack. Find existing knowledge, create new knowledge, and request knowledge from your teammates — all without leaving Slack. Price: Basic is free. Premium plans start at $39 per month.

Statsbot is a tool to get analytics reports from different data sources. Schedule reports regularly, or ask Statsbot questions via natural language. Share your data insights with the team, partners, or investors. Price: Free up to five users, or use pay-as-you-go pricing.

Monkey Test It is a tool to run automated tests on your website. Check for common mistakes, including JavaScript errors, missing images and CSS files, broken links, and search engine optimization issues. Price: Free.

Ace is a bot to drive your team’s productivity and increase efficiency. Use it for easy expense tracking and intelligent task management, all within Slack. Price: Basic is free. Premium plans start at $49.

Trello is a visual collaboration tool to create project boards. With Trello for Slack, add new Trello cards to boards directly from Slack. Join Trello cards and boards, change due dates, attach conversations, and more. Price: Free. Business plan is $9.99 per user per month.

Geekbot lets you run short, standup meetings in Slack with your team. Answer a set of questions that Geekbot then posts to a channel. Geekbot organizes your team’s workflow with a flexible and robust scheduling system, which allows you to set up meetings whenever desired. Price: $2.50 per user per month.

InVision is an app to integrate Slack with your InVision prototype, so when it’s updated, changes are pushed to the channel and made visible to your entire team. Get instant notifications and previews of changes. Click to comment. Price: One prototype is free. Premium plans start at $15 per month.

Google Drive lets you store files securely online, access them from anywhere, and collaborate with others. Install this integration to create Google Docs and import any type of file from Google Drive without leaving your conversations in Slack. Price: Free.

Conclude improves your team’s ability to resolve incidents. Raise an issue in the appropriate Slack channel and gather the response team. Discuss the matter in a dedicated channel. Once a conclusion is reached, the dedicated channel is archived for later review. Price: Basic is free. Business plan is $9.75 per user per month.

GitHub integration for Slack lets you bring code to your team conversations. With the workspaces connected, receive updates from GitHub without leaving Slack. Price: Free.

Workast is a tool to manage teamwork in Slack. Monitor projects, and track daily priorities. Create tasks when the conversation is happening, assign tasks, and set due dates. Use two-way sync with Google, iCloud, Office, Outlook, and Exchange. Price: Free up to five users. Premium plans start at $4.95 per month.

Zoom app lets you start Zoom meetings with video, audio, and screen sharing from any Slack channel, private group, or direct message. Price: Basic is free. Premium plans start at $14.99 per month.

Troops is a tool to use Salesforce directly from Slack and centralize key sales workflows. Update any Salesforce record without leaving Slack, including both standard and custom objects. Schedule or pull any of your existing Salesforce reports across channels or direct messages. Price: Contact for pricing.

Slack Foundry is an interactive training app made by Slack. The app contains tutorials that are available for everyone in your workspace. Price: Free.

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