16 Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Business owners and employees need to manage group projects in addition to their own work. Fortunately, there are a variety of online project management and collaboration tools to help track projects and teams, from conceptualizing an initial idea to the final results.

Here is a list of project management and collaboration tools. There are project boards, collaborative to-do lists, real-time communication tools, workspaces, and project management platforms. Several of the tools have free plans for small teams.

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Trello is an easy, visual way to organize projects using boards, lists, and cards. Add comments, attachments, and more — directly to each card. Assign tasks and easily see who’s doing what.

Asana is a project management platform to coordinate all the work your team does together. Set up projects using lists, boards, calendar, and timeline. Share details, set deadlines, and delegate tasks. Assign goals, track milestones, and update stakeholders. Create visual project plans to see how every step maps out over time.

Conceptboard is a collaborative online whiteboard that expands as you add content. Create and share as many boards as you need. Capture ideas, brainstorm, set up mood boards, plan initiatives, and map out strategies. Real-time whiteboards let everyone collaborate.

Podio is a project management platform that provides a variety of apps to build and customize a system to manage your project. Attach files, view the status, and add comments all in one place, updated in real-time. Keep everyone on the same page with Podio tasks. Assign tasks, attach files, and discuss details by adding comments. Get a simple overview of what’s being done, without everyone being slowed down by status emails. Podio also integrates with many online productivity apps.

Basecamp is a project management tool to increase accountability, and communicate more effectively. Create to-do lists, assign tasks, and set due dates. Keep the entire conversation about a specific topic together on a single page. Every project includes a space to share documents, files, and images. Basecamp’s real-time group chat — Campfire — enables instant dialog with team members.

Wrike helps take your projects from initial request through tracking work progress to reporting results. Create and assign tasks, projects, and milestones. See where projects stand at a glance. Visualize your schedule on the built-in Gantt chart. Coordinate resources across multiple teams and projects. Create and share reports. Set up custom workflows for your teams and projects.

Casual is an online project management tool that helps teams plan and execute projects as simple workflows online. See everything at a glance. Casual is a helpful tool for small and growing project teams, non-project managers, and anyone who manages similar and repeatable projects.

Todoist is an advanced to-do list tool for team collaboration. Map out projects step-by-step with sections and sub-tasks. Set daily and weekly goals and visualize your productivity trends.

PivotalTracker helps your team develop and track projects from start to finish. Use automatic planning to keep your team in a rhythm. Calculate your team’s velocity based on the average number of story points completed in recent iterations, so that your past work provides an honest view of your team’s future. PivotalTracker encourages consistency.

Confluence is a tool for document collaboration — meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, and more. Include multimedia and dynamic content to make a project come to life. Leave feedback on the work itself with an inline, page, and file commenting system. Use a structured hierarchy and a powerful search engine to find work easily.

Flow is a simple project planning and task management tool for teams. View, organize, and prioritize all of your team’s tasks. Manage work using task lists, visual cards, or on the calendar. Keep track of your own to-do list, and stay on top of any teammate’s workload. Plan, set priorities, and track projects from start to finish, from simple checklists to Kanban boards. Never miss a single notification, task, or comment with Flow’s Catch Up feed.

Roadmunk helps to build project roadmaps quickly. Share plans, solicit feedback, and centralize strategy within one tool. Manage and share your organization’s roadmaps from a convenient dashboard.

Binfire is a project management application that helps teams plan and track projects and tasks. Binfire features a collection of tools, including an interactive whiteboard, internal messaging, group chat, document collaboration, and real-time notification. Binfire also supports multiple management methods, including waterfall, agile, and hybrid.

Monday tracks everything your team is working on. Easily add tasks, projects, missions, and to-dos. Assign teammates to specific tasks or projects, and see the present status. Plan your workload over time. Add rows and attach files to centralize your communication and documentation.

ProjectManager is a management tool for team collaboration. View each member’s progress to easily monitor how much work they have completed according to their schedule. Create interactive Gantt charts online and share project plans. Create, schedule, and assign task lists. Add files and comment on the project plan. Generate one-click project reports to monitor your team’s status.

Redbooth is a simple and straightforward project management tool. It features a quick view dashboard, visual project timelines, artificial intelligence for predicting assignees and due dates, task comments, instant notifications, and built-in project templates. Create a fresh workspace for each new project and view trends. Redbooth can turn your processes into templates, to use repeatedly.

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