6 usability statistics that every Ecommerce business needs to know

User experience is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce. If your site’s usability is poor, customers simply won’t stick around long enough to make a purchase. Or, if they do, they certainly wont return to make another.

Still need convincing that your user experience (UX) is something you should focus on? Check out these 6 usability statistics that every ecommerce business needs to know…

1. 39% of people will stop using a website if it’s too slow

The Adobe State of Content Report revealed that a whopping 39% of users would leave a website if images or other content took too long to load. A further 38% of respondents confessed that they would stop engaging with a site if its content looked unattractive, whether that’s too many images or a poorly laid out interface.

2. An unclear message could put off 46% of visitors

In a report by KoMarketing, 46% of website visitors claimed that a ‘lack of message’ will cause them to leave a website. Basically, if it isn’t clear what your business does on your website, people will simply leave rather than trying to figure out the company for themselves. No contact information, pop-up ads and poor design were also found to contribute to bad UX.

3. ‘Ease of use’ is most important quality for mobile apps

In a study by harmon.ie, 97% of business customers cited ‘ease of use’ as their number one concern when choosing mobile apps. This was ranked ahead of security, which was a concern to 89% of those asked, comprehensiveness (72%) and training (42%). That means that, above all else, the majority of customers are looking for a user-friendly app.

4. UX Testing can boost your budget

Back in 2014, a survey by Econsultancy and WhatUsersDo found that almost half of companies that ran UX testing in 2013 saw an increase in their budget the following year. The study was based on a survey of over 1,400 professionals working for both brands and agencies. This clearly displays the importance of identifying issues in your site’s user experience and fixing any problems you may have.

5. Most visitors won’t submit an online form requiring personal information

The previously mentioned report by KoMarketing also revealed that 65% of site visitors wouldn’t submit an online form if too much personal information was needed. This included a phone number, address, job role or title and last name. A further 55% said that that would be put off if a form included an automatic email subscription. So, it’s best to stick to the information you need, rather than trying to rake in unnecessary details about your customers.

6. 1 in 3 people will abandon a purchase due to a lack of information

report by Magnetic North, now known as West, discovered that poor user experience costs UK brands up to £234 billion a year in lost sales. A third of all people will simply abandon a purchase if they can’t find the information they need. 92% of those asked stated that they had experienced poor UX on a variety of ecommerce sites.

Perfect your user experience

The ecommerce industry is a competitive one. With so many other sites and brands out there, your usability is more important than ever. As we’ve seen, sales, conversions and ultimately your bottom line depends on your website having a good user experience.

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