Top Ways to Optimize an Ecommerce Store for Mobile Devices

Ecommerce stores have emerged as the best trade platforms in the modern-day digital world. Interestingly, the increasing number of mobile users worldwide has made Ecommerce store step into the mobile industry, rather than relying on the desktop audience. Having said, if buyers can access your site on mobile devices easily, then they are likely to explore and make purchase.

Putting it simply, through optimizing your Ecommerce store for mobile devices, you can increase the sales and revenues exponentially. In this article, we are going to reveal the top way to optimize your Ecommerce store for mobile devices:

What Does a Remarkable Ecommerce Store Comprises?

An Ecommerce store can be optimizes for mobile devices in a couple of ways. Having said, you can either alter your website’s design or build a separate mobile website. However, in both ways, you need to keep in mind customers’ experience. Also, you can learn about the tips to build robust design portfolio. On top, a well-built Ecommerce website should have following features:

Fast & Compelling

Customers tend to stay and search for various items on a website if your pages are fast to load. In many cases, if a page takes longer than 6 seconds to load, customer go away. Interestingly, according to a research, customers have even abandoned shopping carts due to delayed page loading time.

Moreover, content or text in a website should be tidy, clear, and easily understandable. Generally, small-screen mobile phones can show only a few lines or limited content. In case, your website is not optimized properly, the text will appear either too big or small to the visitors. On another hand, customers prefer making purchase on a site that appears well on various mobile devices.

Simple Design

When talking about the mobile friendly websites, simple design takes the lead always. Simplification of website content makes it easy for the visitors to read and navigate accordingly, allowing them to access more content in less time. You can simplify product-ordering process, enabling customers to spend time on searching for more items to buy on your website. Interestingly, simplifying the checkout process can make buying process a hassle free experience.

In case you website’s menu comes with different level of nested items; it can be difficult for customers to navigate to different items on touch screen devices. The simplicity does not apply to Ecommerce store only, as many Video Animation INC companies prefer simple theme for video animation due to increased appeal. Also, you can keep nested items to single level, ensuring hassle-free navigation on your website.


You should ensure that the objects in a website are easily tappable on mobile screens. You should keep in mind that mobile devices do not have mouse to point at small objects. Thus, the buttons in a website should be large enough to be tapped hassle freely. In case, visitors are unable to tap on the buttons, then they might leave a website instantly.

Right-Sized Images

Customers’ engagement is more expected if product details and images fit well on a mobile screen. In case, you utilize images that cannot fit well on mobile screens, then customers will not be able to slide and scroll for viewing images and details of a product. Moreover, you should ensure that your mobile Ecommerce site is easy to navigate on mobile devices. In case, users cannot access pages that they are looking for, then might go away.

Text as Clickable Icon

You can leverage the power of text and make it clickable. Instead of relying on the hover effects to display information, you can use text directly as clickable icons. For instance, rather than using $ symbol to show price, you can use “View Price” text and make it clickable. In this way, there will be more chances for the users to click on it and see price of an item.

Well Optimized Objects

Everything from notifications, verifications, to popups must be optimized for smartphones. You should ensure that mobile users are able to see information utilizing the pop-up menus when they add a product to their carts. Users should check out and make payment hassle freely. In case, you optimize a website but forget to optimize purchase and order forms, then you will not be able to deliver seamless experience to the end-users.

SVGs or Vector Icons

Interestingly, a large number of developers are shifting towards using vector icons that are also known as SVGs. The reason lies on the fact that the SVGs make a website appear professional, keeping the glitches at bay.

Final Words

We have revealed the best ways to optimize an Ecommerce store for mobile devices. If you know about more ways, then feel free to mention them and add value to this article.

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