5 Powerful Marketing Strategies to Drive More People to Your Ecommerce Site

Anyone with a basic knowledge of how the internet works can create an online shop in a matter of minutes.

However, it takes the right mix of marketing knowledge, digital skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and much patience to make it a profitable endeavour.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur selling products online from home or an owner of a major e-commerce site, one of the biggest challenges of running an online business is driving traffic to increase online sales.

Running an online store is more than just putting up a website and uploading photos of your products.

You need a solid marketing strategy that can help boost traffic to your store.

No one-size-fits-all approach will help you drive traffic to your online store.

Here are some powerful marketing strategies you can use to bring more traffic to your site

Let’s dive in.

ecommerce marketing strategies

1 – Focus on a particular niche.

Considering the competitiveness of today’s eCommerce landscape, the business owners who know how to target their customers and their needs are the ones who win.

Choosing a niche or subsection of the market allows you to tailor your marketing message to specific customers with particular needs.

Because you have a better understanding of your target group, you are to craft campaigns with more depth, relevance, and uniqueness.

However, how do you start by identifying your niche?

Identify your expertise and your passions first.

Choose a subsection where you can solve problems and provide solutions with a deeper understanding.

Make sure to choose a niche that’s narrow but still big enough to be profitable.

You might want to review the niche and available customer data from your competitors.

Their traffic sources and referrals might give you an insight into whom they are targeting.

A tool like Similarweb might help you.

similarweb tool

2 – Offer convenience (and actually deliver)

Consumers who choose to buy online want a faster and more efficient shopping experience.

To gain competitive advantage, you have to strike the perfect balance between what your customers need and what you can offer without losing profits.

Sometimes, the smallest efforts can make a huge difference.

Here are some ideas that can help make the buying experience more convenient for your consumers:

  • Don’t frustrate customers by making them wait too long. Shorten your service response time and standardise response practices.
  • Offer free returns and exchanges to give hesitant consumers reassurance that they can get their money back in case they are not satisfied.
  • Get rid of poor delivery service. Give frequent customers the option to have their goods delivered on the same day.
  • Make the payment process faster and more efficient.
international ecommerce shipping

3 – Launch a contest for user-generated content

Launching a social media contest or campaign is a great way to create buzz around your brand, motivate word-of-mouth promotion, and generate user-generated content.

Plus, it’s a cost-effective strategy to get more people to notice you.

However, where do you start with launching a fan content contest?

First, focus on what you want to promote and incentivise.

Are you introducing a new product? Are you organising a seasonal promotional contest?

Motivate fans to share photos and videos of your product to help increase your organic reach.

Provide a good reward.

Naturally, a valuable prize will attract more people to join.

Be clear about the rules and structure the contest well.

Make sure that it will not get you into legal trouble.

Be prepared to answer questions and inquiries from interested followers.

Moreover, how would you decide who wins?

You can try using The Good Luck Fairy from FanpageKarma.

good luck fairy

4 – Reward customers for referrals

At its core, a referral program is just word of mouth marketing, but it’s organised, tracked, and incentivised.

It maximises your most important asset: Your most loyal customers.

All you have to do is provide excellent service, encourage them to spread the word, and reward them for their efforts.

Before you implement a referral program, make sure to have clear goals in mind and to define your message well so that you won’t confuse your participants.

Study what kind of incentives you can afford without losing profit.

Incentives don’t always have to be monetary.

Choose something that’s in line with your branding.

Make sure you have a way to track your efforts.

A marketing tool like InviteReferrals can make your campaign more organised.

invitereferrals tool

5 – Encourage customers to leave reviews

Do you know that as much as 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they believe their friends?

For any business, it’s a good idea to encourage customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials to give hesitant buyers the confidence to push through with a purchase.

As you can imagine, outstanding products and services are necessary to get five stars and glowing reviews.

Negative reviews are not entirely bad, however.

They are opportunities to communicate with your customers and show them that you know how to handle a problem.

To increase the chances of getting a review, email a survey to your clients right a few days after they bought something from your store.

You are more likely to get a response with a personalised email, but you can also use software that can help you stay more organised.

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Final Thoughts

There is no one way to reach your business goals.

It is important to execute your plans and track your results to find out which strategies work well for you.

In the ever-changing world of eCommerce, you must keep up with the trends and to always look for new things to learn to stay ahead of your competition.

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