5 must-have features for your Ecommerce website

At present, every entrepreneur is looking to have an online presence, which is the single most important investment that they can make. Consumers no longer want to touch, smell or try out something before they buy. End users prefer convenience and, therefore, do their shopping online. It’s no wonder that every businessperson out there is looking to have a web-based store where they can sell their products and services.

There are nothing but benefits to having an e-commerce store. Maybe you don’t need being told that you can make a great deal of money with an e commerce store. You already know that. What you need is to know what you can do to begin selling online and make your business flourish. If you want to stay relevant and competitive, hire an ecommerce website designer. And make sure that your online platform has the following features.

1. Crystal clear logo

The logo is the symbol of your company. It makes your business stand out from the crowd and creates brand loyalty. The question now is: why would you want one of the most valuable assets of your company on your site? Because it’s the biggest representation of your brand. You should want to display it. The logo is at the same time a reassuring symbol and an element of trust. When consumers see the text or the image associated with your organisation. Regular individuals buy products and services from the firms that they know or trust.

It’s important to have a consistent logo across your electronic commerce website that can help build trust with clients. Not only should the emblem be present, but also it should be clearly visible. Any professional will agree with this. You can have the brand name placed in the upper-left corner of the page. As far as the size is concerned, it shouldn’t be too big or too small. Not using the logo in the design process is the biggest mistake that you can make.

2. High-resolution photos and videos

There is nothing more important than product pages in ecommerce. As a matter of fact, they bear more significance than the homepage. If you want to sell something online, then you need to have good photos and videos. Humans are visual by nature, meaning that they learn by seeing things. Put simply, people process visual information a lot faster than they do other kind of data. Your site has to have imagery. At present, you can’t afford to simply post a picture, a few bullet points, and a price tag.

Consumers don’t have the time to visit physical stores and, when they do their shopping online, they want to be able to see the products from different angles. Can you disappoint them? Indubitably, you can’t. Since you’re not skilled when it comes to designing online stores, find an ecommerce designer. Photos and videos that are used for the Internet shouldn’t be at a low resolution. They need to be high-resolution. Most importantly, photos and videos need to be optimized for page load. Should they take too long to load, online shoppers will be unhappy and will ditch you for the competition.

3. Search box

It’s impossible to imagine an e-commerce store without a shopping cart or a search box. Still, there are plenty of web-based platforms that don’t feature a search box. Why is it so important to have one, anyway? A search box is helpful in the sense that it allows visitors on the website to get the results that they need from a single click. It’s unreasonable to expect people to search for the product or service that they are interested in manually. They don’t have time for that. Make life easier for the people spending money online. To be more precise, make sure that your newly-designed site doesn’t lack a search box.

A search box needs to have certain features. Visibility is at the top of the list. Customers should be able to find the search bar and, of course, use it. The search box ought to be visible across the online platform and offer suggestions. When someone makes a search query, the widget should offer suggestions. This increases the speed of the search and makes it more likely that someone will buy. It can have additional features, such as a spell checker and other controls that can restrict the user from inputting invalid search terms. An electronic commerce website is a powerful tool. The thing is that it becomes even more powerful when you follow the best practices.

4. Intuitive navigation

What does intuitive navigation mean? It means that the web-based platform is designed in such a manner that the traffic flows easily from page to page. In other words, the website should be easy to use. When clients see your site, they know exactly what to do. If your e commerce website doesn’t perform well, then you have a huge problem on your hands. Visitors will get upset and they will put an end to their shopping. Intuitive navigation is the key to a successful site. An e-commerce designer with experience knows exactly what to do to make the web-based platform intuitive to use.

Labelling will help end users make sense of the site. The most significant pages should be included in the navigation. If you have no idea whatsoever what the best labels are, then do some testing. This is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If the online store is too complicated, then make sure to simplify it. Confusing visitors is the last thing that you want. It takes time to organise the site’s navigation so that consumers will reach the information that they want. This is indeed true, but it’s worth it. Clients are the most important assets of the business.

5. Online chats

Communication over the Internet assures that messages are delivered. Live chat is very important for your ecommerce store. Don’t you understand why? With online shopping, buyers aren’t able to interact with sellers. This isn’t normally a problem. However, if the person spending money online has questions, then there is. If they don’t get all the details regarding the product or service, they won’t buy. This is why it’s important to have online chats. More and more ecommerce sites are adding live support, all in an effort to determine customers to not leave their sites. Now, you know what is missing from your online store.

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