9 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Ecommerce Site

In the physical world, brick-and-mortar store merchants are regularly making minor changes each year, particularly before the start of the holiday seasons. However, the occurrence of the major changes reporting seldom and only with solid reasons.

Renovation of a physical store demands a big investment on its own like money, time, resources, and stagnation of the ongoing sales. The same goes true for the online shop when a redesign thought springs in the mind of the ecommerce merchant.

Therefore, without some solid reasons, rethinking on the ecommerce website may prove insane. Let’s explore top 10 concrete reasons, which might lead you to revamp your already running ecommerce site.

1 – Archaic Site UX

“Nearly 88% online consumers never returned to a site when they had a bad experience.”

User experience (UX) is next to the price and impacts the bottom line of the online business heavily. Better UX of an ecommerce triggers positive emotions in the minds of site visitors and leaves deep footprints to be a reason to come back again-and-again.

User experiences rely on several factors and decide what has broken in your site is a job of UX experts only. However, the following symptoms can push you to redesign of your ecommerce for the sake of updated and better UX on your ecommerce.

  • Obscure content to represent the purpose and goal of the site.
  • Content unable to deliver clear and consistent message.
  • Weak CTA.
  • The inadequate content above the fold to engage visitors the first sight.
  • Disengaged content on each page
  • Users find a tough time to get whatever they want.
  • Slow loading and boring design of the site that expels visitors early.
  • User interactions with UI elements resulting into frustration or annoy them
  • The absence of onboarding or guiding mechanism to assist users for complex navigation.
  • The site is missing cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

2 – Performance Grievances

Half of the web visitors expect complete loading of a website within three (3) seconds. Whether they are on mobile devices or big sisters they expect seamless loading and other interactive performance of the web pages.

Google Page Speed Insight is an excellent tool to know various parameters affecting the loading speed of your website. If your ecommerce development store found lagged behind in site load speed, it is time to go for redesigning process soon.

3 – Lack of Complete SEO-friendliness

Ranking in SERPs is the biggest factor to win natural and steady traffic for your ecommerce. Without complete SEO of your online business website, you never achieve natural ranking in SERPs, be it Google or Bing the rules are same.

Various ecommerce platforms offer a different degree of SEO-friendliness and support for technical SEO. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the level of SEO for your storefront using various parameters like design, content, and code optimization, backlinks, UX, usability, security, and much more.

If possible, hire SEO consultant to audit your ecommerce thoroughly, and get the final node for redesign expenditure considering the SEO returns over the expenditure.

4 – Missing Social Media Optimization

Social media is a new buzzword in the market and ecommerce can reap the most out of right SMO. Integration of the latest social media networking APIs  and enable direct sharing, Likes, and commenting are essential features on modern ecommerce sites.

If you think you are missing the boat for smooth sailing, weight the SMO factor for redesign consideration.

5 – Inadequately Mobile-friendly

According to a survey, more than 60% ecommerce traffic comes from the mobile devices and shoppers accomplish the entire shopping process on the same mobile devices. It means we are heading toward m-commerce from the desktop-based ecommerce.

Therefore, check your ecommerce performance on various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Examine cross-platform (iOS/Android) & cross-browser site performance. How content and site navigation work on various devices and screens.

What about product landing page, checkout, payment, and incentive redeeming experiences. If you find complete native-like mobile user experiences, there is no need to go for a redesign. Otherwise, investment for the sake of mobile-friendly ecommerce is a worthwhile decision to take.

6 – Devoid of Expected Results

We used to invest in any business with hopes of good return. If we miss the main goal of our venture, we immediately think of ways to achieve it or way out from the business without making much loss.

If you observe a steady decline in a number of visitors, sales, and revenues, it is a sign of that your ecommerce website missing its prime goal, earning. If you find the loss of conversions and an increase in shopping cart abandonment rate, it tells you to go for redesigning your ecommerce with a team of seasoned ecommerce developers.

7 – Site Earning Bad Rapport in the Market

Ecommerce sites used to carry various sensitive data like personal info of shoppers for the sake of providing personalization, transaction data, and business data. These all are low hanging fruits for bad intended people active on the web and in the vicinity of your shoppers.

There are myriads of ways to hurt your business and your visitors. It makes security a prime concern for the shoppers to check before stepping up on your door to shop anything. If your ecommerce is missing the latest provisions, prevention, and integration of the security technologies, your store may vulnerable to fatal attack and your existence may come into question one day.

Wake up and run for redesign without any second thought on security compromise. Invest in the latest security measures and arsenals prevailing in the market.

8 – Major Changes in Business

Sometimes we are going through major changes in our online business such as

  • Changes in top-selling products or services.
  • Change in brand due to merge with other company or acquisitions.
  • Shifting in a target market where market-specific design and UX is essential for success.
  • Change in management and their policies as well as marketing strategies.

These changes always lead to redesign your ecommerce site.

9 – Site Missing Advancements

We are living in a fiercely competitive era where our top competitors always in search of beating us on various fronts. For instance, if your competitors have advanced search engine integrated with their sites, you must have a better one than those.

Similarly, personalization is a highly beneficial trend in ecommerce, and various personalization technologies are evolving rapidly than we think. If your top competitors are implementing, you should search the same suitable to your ecommerce and integrated all.

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and location-based services are gaining ways to streaming online sales processes for various ecommerce niches. Why should you lag behind in the advancement race? Go to redesign and bring all bells and whistles on the table.

If you want to survive in stiffly competitive ecommerce businesses, the redesign should be a norm for you for an interval when enough reasons accumulate to force you to rethink of your website.

If you are in a dilemma to take a prompt decision on redesigning of your ecommerce, you can hire a good ecommerce development company that offers ecommerce redesigning consulting services. Expert ecommerce designers and developers can help you to audit your site and give an estimation of return over the investment on the redesign.

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