8 SEO strategies to increase sales in Ecommerce

There are several actions that assist in the growth of sales in e-commerce. In addition to a good relationship with the customer, SEO strategies are also essential to achieve the desired results.

The Internet revolution and the number of people increasingly connected has brought new business to the network. In 2015, the number of online trades already surpassed the amount of 450 thousand establishments.

Among so many e-commerce options, competition for user attention has only increased. Hence, companies are increasingly interested in strategies like SEO.

Want to know why? Keep reading and learn how these actions help your business!

What does SEO mean?

Known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is responsible for helping companies in the race to reach the top of the results made available in the search engines.

Many new brands believe that it is difficult to optimize SEO strategies to compete with better-known names, however, these techniques are simpler than they appear.

SEO is a set of actions that aim to optimize websites, blogs and web pages. By leveraging these features, businesses are able to achieve good organic rankings on search engines such as Google, generating authority and traffic on their web addresses.

With the ever-growing competition to attract new consumers and turn them into loyal customers, digital marketing has begun to grow along with technologies, and SEO has become indispensable for those who want to conquer their space in the midst of competition.

Strategy is essential for anyone who wants to attract visibility, generate traffic, convert leads and achieve the key goals of their online commerce. One of the main reasons that have turned SEO into an essential tool for a company is the fact that at least  90% of users access results presented on the first page of search engines .

How SEO is able to assist in the sales of an e-commerce?

Now that we’ve introduced the definition of the term Search Engine Optimization, let’s explain how these strategies can improve the results of an e-commerce, increasing revenue generation and attracting new access every day.

Imagine how many hits your site is able to attract by appearing in the top places of search engine search results? This is one of the main reasons why a good SEO strategy can improve sales of an e-commerce.

There are several benefits that are generated from a good structuring of SEO techniques within an ecommerce. Below we have listed the main advantages.

Increase Traffic

The better your placement in search engines, the more access your e-commerce will win. This means that new users will get in touch with your services or products every day.

In addition, the traffic will be from people who are really interested or who might be interested in the future, but who need to be converted into leads and worked through all stages of the funnel until purchase.

Regardless of the area of ​​action, it is essential to work with SEO strategies to increase traffic, however, when we talk about e-commerce, this process becomes indispensable, since all transactions happen in the digital environment.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Getting return on some action is all that the entrepreneur wants – and with SEO strategies, it is possible to conquer even more! With ROI, you can calculate converted hits into sales, making it easier to understand if the amount invested is enough to get the expected results.

Most accessible site

Before you can achieve good search engine results, you need to make some adjustments to your site so that SEO strategies are applied correctly. With these changes, it is possible to offer an easier page to handle, improving the navigation of people with internet difficulties or even with disabilities.

One of the main changes that need to be structured is the construction of a responsive site, that is, a page that fits different sizes of devices – computers, notebooks, tablets or smartphones. These features are also responsible for the decrease in cart abandonment rate , favoring e-commerce sales!

Relevance in the market

When a company starts to appear more frequently in the search engines, it gains the public’s trust, gaining more prominence in its area of ​​activity and making consumers prefer their products and services because it is an e- commerce more digitally renowned.

What are the best platforms for an e-commerce?

There are several business options that provide support when you want to open an e-commerce, however, you need to be very careful when defining which one is the best option for your needs.

One of the main names when it comes to this subject is WooCommerce, the largest e-commerce plugin developed by Automattic. In addition, with this tool you can achieve 30% more organic traffic to your customers.

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Another well-known name for this role is Magento, a platform that features an open source system, offering a facility that benefits those with programming and coding skills.

What are the main SEO strategies?

Here are some tips to implement this feature in your e-commerce and drive sales growth! Want to know how? So check out the next items.

1. Invest in keywords

One of the main responsible for making a website appear in the top positions of a search engine is the use of an ideal vocabulary that is in accordance with the language used in its area of ​​operation.

The keywords research must be done with care and attention, therefore, only the most used and well – structured expressions will be part of your pages. This will ensure that the right users find your e-commerce during a search on sites like Google.

Incorrect targeting of keywords can lead a different audience than yours to access the site, causing strategies to not deliver the expected results and hurt sales. However, with proper planning and good choices of expressions, you’ll gain in traffic and number of conversions, driving revenue and profit.

2. Create people

Who is the ideal consumer of your e-commerce? How does this person behave on and off the internet? What is the primary interest of this user when performing a Google search? This information is essential to create content specifically tailored to meet the demands, needs and desires of these consumers.

Gente are ideal clients models of their trade. In the created profiles, you need to include information such as gender, age, educational level, profession, hobbies, expectations, desires and any other data that may be relevant to create products and strategies of service and to correct the ideal language for your brand.

3. Optimize your URLs

Remember the keywords we mentioned in the first topic? Inserting these terms into your site’s URLs is also a major SEO strategy both to improve your search engine results and to make it easier for the customer to remember if they want to re-access the same page.

To optimize your URLs, you must avoid numbers and symbols, as well as create obvious addresses that reinforce the content that will be presented to the user while browsing a certain page.

4. Use the link building

This strategy is fundamental to improve its ranking within search engines, however, not everyone knows its importance or understands the need to build a good link building.

To begin with, you have to understand that the term link building means the job of getting links from other sites, that is, when other web addresses or stores include your e-commerce through a hyperlink on your pages.

When your page is recommended by other sites, search engines begin to value your address, turning your e-commerce into an authority among the competition. This improves the relevance and popularity of a business.

The link building needs to be done in the right way to result in positive numbers for a company, so it is necessary that this address is inserted in correctly written texts that have some relation with the hyperlink placed.

5. Practice email marketing

Sending quality emails is a great tool to attract customers to your purchase pages. This strategy is one of the main responsible for digital marketing being so important to a company’s conversion rates.

Create emails with relevant and attractive content, structuring a message that allows the recipient to perform the desired action in CTA (Call to Action), which can be a purchase, access a landing page, follow your social networks  etc.

Here’s what to insert in an email marketing:

  • e-books;
  • applications;
  • tutoring;
  • free tool tests;
  • webinars;
  • thank-you messages after purchase.

When a company sends electronic messages to its users and directs them to a landing page, generating new accesses, Google identifies that the content available is relevant. In this way, the authority of the company before the competition begins to grow and stand out.

6. Build good landing pages

When you can persuade the user to access a particular page, this address is known as the landing page. This site is also known as a conversion page.

These pages need to be structured in the right way, with all the necessary information visible as soon as the user accesses the address. Another important strategy to gain the trust of these visitors is to enter testimonials from other customers.

7. Use images, many images

The photos are excellent resources to attract attention and convince the visitor to purchase a product. In addition, these records can also be used as a way to show the user that the article has quality and a good finish.

In e-commerce cases, it is likely that you already have images on your site, however, it is always interesting to innovate and offer the user the best possible view of your products. Some of the features that can be used are:

  • photos from all angles;
  • zoom options;
  • 360 ° view;
  • illuminated images.

8. Beware of Black Hat

SEO strategies are extremely important for a company that wants to achieve good results in the market, so some people have already developed ways to circumvent search engine configurations without having to deploy those resources.

However, those who choose to defraud the system may face punishment. For example, Google begins to prevent the e-commerce address from appearing on the first page of results for users, impairing their positioning and visibility.

So, properly follow the SEO strategies that we listed throughout the text that results will appear. That way, you will transform your e-commerce into a renowned company, with loyal customers and more and more access.

What is the best way to identify current issues on my site?

Is your e-commerce not delivering the expected results for the brand, even with SEO strategies? What are the e-commerce KPIs that need to be taken into account when evaluating the numbers? There are a few ways to find out what may be going wrong and harming the company’s performance.

The first step is to review the key features of Search Engine Optimization and see if the measures implemented on your site are in agreement. This includes proper spelling, responsive pages, quality images, configured URLs without symbols or numbers, an intriguing CTA, and an audience that has an interest in your products or services.

In addition, there are tools that help e-commerces evaluate whether your pages are set up according to the requirements of the search engines. Check out a few below.

Think With Google

Mobile is increasingly present in e-commerces strategies. The emergence of new devices and users increasingly connected to their smartphones has revolutionized website access.

Thinking about it, Google has developed the Test My Site, a Think With Google platform that makes it possible to analyze the speed of your web address using a mobile device.

Google Search Console

How about asking Google himself what he thinks about your site? The company offers Search Console  as a friendly resource, especially for those who are starting out. With this tool, you will find Fetch as Google, which allows you to see your URL in the same way as the search engine.

In Search Console you also find PageSpeed ​​Insights, a device that measures the speed of your site, both on desktop and notebook computers, and on smartphones and tablets. The result is displayed with a score ranging from 0 to 100; the larger the number, the better. This platform is ideal for correcting some SEO errors that could be harmful – and the best: you do not have to pay anything to use.

Check My Links

Want to know if the external and internal links entered in your site are working properly? This tool does this work for you at no additional cost.

The Check My Links functions as a check of corrupted web addresses. It makes it possible to do the necessary checks on your page before publishing it to all users.

To make it easier to see who is checking the veracity of the hyperlinks, the feature highlights the correct addresses in red and, in red, the websites that are corrupted or have problems.

SEO Report Card

Imagine the possibility of analyzing your site before the competition, without paying anything? The Report Card provides this service for those who want to understand what can be improved to stand out in the market.

To gain access to this tool, simply fill in your registration on the platform and check information such as:

  • analysis of your site’s ranking;
  • creation of links;
  • accompanying the inclusion of keywords;
  • accessibility of the web address;
  • reliability metrics;
  • indexing.

Website Grader

Need to report on metrics? The Website Grader , a platform HubSpot, can provide a document with the following data:

  • preparation for mobile devices;
  • ease to find your site;
  • page security;
  • site size and speed.

The tool is free and, to access this data, you must enter only the URL of the site and your email.

Varvy SEO Overview

In less than a minute, Overview lets you compile a complete report that includes everything from the strength of your domain to a count of mentions on social networks. The tool provides complete data on the quality of embedded images, links, SEO, speed and engagement analysis on your pages.

During the analysis, the platform marks the excerpts with green symbols, red Xs, and also exclamation points in yellow. Each one represents a problem or stretch to be adjusted. Another advantage is the detailed image view, which offers a study on the alternative text and the number of words used.

While it is not yet possible to know everything that Google knows – or know all the techniques used by the engine to define the ranking of results presented in a search – with these tools it is easier to reach your goals. Tracking your numbers, formulating performance reports, and analyzing the behavior of your site visitors is essential to developing more and more complete SEO strategies.

How does a digital marketing agency help you achieve results?

Now that we’ve introduced SEO strategies and explained how to track the performance of your e-commerce in the niche of action, we need to talk about an extremely important subject, but not all entrepreneurs value when it comes to setting goals.

Having the help of trained professionals to work the best and attract your target audience without unnecessary investments and proven returns through reporting is essential to grow and achieve your goals.

By working with a team prepared to meet your needs, an e-commerce can optimize your time to take care of other departments without having to worry about daily monitoring of access numbers or new reach strategies. In addition, the professionals of an agency are able to build the correct target audience, define the appropriate persona and observe if the language used is in accordance with the behavior of these users on the internet.

Another advantage of hiring a company specializing in digital marketing is the opportunity to expand your campaigns with new ideas and creative professionals that provide other visions for your e-commerce. By working together, you can trust that your strategies will be in line with market trends.

However, in order for this to work and you can take advantage of the results that an agency is able to offer, you must hire the ideal company. Choose an agency that has trained professionals, recognized campaigns and proven results. That way you can be sure that everyone involved will be willing to meet your expectations and grow along with your e-commerce.

To conclude, we must emphasize that the SEO strategies that we present in the course of the text must be planned in advance and with the understanding that the results are expected in the medium and long term. The return that seems to be delayed is, in fact, a growth line, with objectives to be reached according to the expectations and the possibility of demand of the company.

Aligning SEO strategies with competent people is the key to completing your e-commerce and securing Google’s zero position. So, choose the best agency for your business, build a complete plan with your company’s short, medium and long-term goals and expectations and start investing in the next results you will achieve in the market!

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