Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Business

Before we discuss how to grow e-commerce store with digital marketing, it is conspicuous to discuss why Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Business! With every passing quarter, e-commerce industry is pushing its envelope to gulp in more and more market share which results in why the businesses should go online and digital marketing because, to sell an Internet business, it is obvious to market it on the Internet.

Since people are always on their phones, they can rely on e-commerce businesses for ordering almost everything from groceries to jewelry; the penetration and low cost of the high-speed network are letting people get more done with the help of e-commerce websites. E-commerce businesses can create a huge difference in people’s lives while on the go; the importance of digital marketing for ecommerce business can only be understood by looking at the competition in e-commerce segment.

Put a lot of effort on Social Media Marketing:

Let’s not waste time discussing the importance of a web portal and mobile application; since we are discussing e-commerce, it goes without saying. Putting effort on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can bring huge positive results for nascent e-commerce businesses. Millions of people use these applications on daily basis to interact with businesses and service providers. With the help of quality content and smart Facebook Ad campaigns, you can reach the right people and make sales happen. Digital market for e-commerce mostly includes promotion through social media because print media is way expensive and not effective in today’s world.

Humorous content works wonder on Facebook and Instagram whereas Twitter is more for dealing with customer services in person. Facebook ads can be targeted to reach a person living in a particular city of a country considering their recent searches or short-listed items.

Run Referral Program:

Yes! Letting people incur benefits for bringing new customers to you is a proven method of growth. Varied e-commerce companies like Myntra from India and eBay from China have relied on referral program and reaped incomparable growth benefits.

In a referral program, a user gets additional cashback or discount for referring your site to his or her friends. Word of Mouth is perhaps is the best-suited name for this campaign, just with the added advantage for users.

Affiliate Programs are always there:

Everybody does it, Amazon, Bluehost and Click Bank, all of them have affiliate programs that pay Internet Marketers up to 12% commission on every sale. This is perhaps the best way of growing an e-commerce business; let other people make money out of your business and they will do everything to make sales happen.

A lot of Ecommerce SEO services provider work on developing affiliate programs, you can rely on them for creating one for your business. Use the affiliate program efficiently and see your business grow on automatic mode.

How do these affiliate programs work? And is it digital marketing?

Amazon charges 12% commission on every book sold by sellers and gives away 8% commission to bloggers, digital marketing agency and reviewers who referred people to buy these books. This way the blogger makes money without selling a product on Amazon, all he did was inspired people to buy the book through genuine reviews or by paid promotions. Amazon here is the real winner, they didn’t have to market the product to sell, someone else did and everyone made a profit.

No matter how small your e-commerce business is, get an affiliate program developed today and yes! The affiliate program is a full proof of Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Business because it involves bloggers, reviewers and the use of search engine matrices.

SEO, Local-SEO, and SMO:

Search engine optimization is perhaps the most important tool you need to rely on. It is free, beneficial, increases sales and also establishes your company as a brand. Ace the art of ranking articles and web pages on the first page of Google and you will never have to spend a single penny in marketing. You can rely on search engine results for driving sales and for brand development.

89% of people who shop online rely on search engines like Google and Yahoo for recommendations; before buying anything, they look at other available options and then decide which one to go with. Rank on the first page for a provided product, let bloggers review the product for affiliate commission, and establish a brand reputation like never before.

Social Media Optimization is also important because there are a lot of imposters; embed your social media links on your website, apps and vice versa to help people identify your business. Digital marketing agency from around the world emphasizes on social media optimization because it plays a crucial in brand development; people tend to recognize your business through social media hence SMO is a must and no option.


The most efficient way to grow an ecommerce business out there is through social media and affiliate programs. Put some intricate effort on social media and allow individual internet marketers to make money out of your affiliate program and you will see the fruits of your e-commerce business.

The importance of digital marketing for ecommerce business can only be understood by the fact that giants like Amazon and Ali Express who invest so much on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are not the only way of running promotional campaigns but also the most popular way of catering quality customer services.

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