Top 7 Ecommerce Business Ideas for 2019

Are you preparing to start a major new business in 2019? Expanding an existing ecommerce empire or building a new one, does not happen by accident. It usually requires research to understand trends – and implementation of the right tools. For some people, trying this out – or any online business, might look like a difficult dream, even for those that already have some experience in this sphere. Fortunately, creating an online shop is not hard as people think it is. The fact still remains that any new online business comes with its unique set of difficulties and opportunities. The way a new online business can experience challenges is also not dissimilar for a new entrepreneur and even for those with a portfolio of businesses under their roofs.

There are some business ideas that are just way more profitable than others. E-commerce is one of the very few areas, where six-figure businesses can be set up in a matter of months. Hence this topic is worth exploring closer.

If today is your first time exploring an online shop or e-commerce business, you just have to take the business ideas that will be discussed below as an inspiration. If others can succeed with all their different experiences and backgrounds, then you also have the chance to make it. Ideas make businesses and the people behind it to work and thrive – but it is also a matter of tapping the right trends at the right time.

There are some few things to keep in mind when it comes to starting an online shop:

– Choosing a best-selling, in-demand product for your online business

– Establishing your product in the market

– Sourcing your budget

– Building your online shop

– Marketing

– Achievement

The prerequisite to get the ball rolling for your online shop is knowing what you are going to sell. This sets the foundation for other steps to succeed.

This article will guide you through 7 top trending e-commerce business ideas:

  1. Start a fashion brand

This idea might sound impossible to achieve but this depends on your brand strategy; trying to become unique with your fashion brand because people love their clothes and are attracted to creative brands. The fact is women’s clothing is what is dominating the fashion industry, though men’s clothing is dominating too (in some countries). You just have to create a niche in the clothing industry and you will be surprised by the number of customers that will be patronizing you. The fight between Amazon and Alibaba for global dominance can only benefit you, play them both to get the best results.

  1. Health foods (And CBD cannabidiol)

People want to feel good these days. They want to live healthy and take good care of themselves. Studies have found out that health foods receive an average on 33,100 monthly searches, with very low competition in the US. That is not too high, yet coupled with CBD oil and related cannabidiol products (infused with multi-vitamins etc.), this can easily increase to more than 500 000 monthly searches in the US alone. Looking at the longtail spread, there are top-level and broad keywords to use. When merged together, the search demand will produce an average monthly traffic that exceeds 1million. Even if you aim to just reach 1% of that market via SEO, Amazon and Alibaba – we’re talking about serious profits. So, imagine how much of this traffic could be buying your products 1%, 3% or even 5%? The best of all, is that you can now have a combination of CBD dropship and white-label options from very credible US suppliers like, which will help you build a safe and solid business.

  1. Subscription services

Everyone wants comfort and wants most of what they use or buy regularly to be conveniently delivered to their doorstep. Subscription boxes are gaining grounds and incredibly popular in some industries. Mystery subscription boxes can be opted for too, so why not give it a try.

  1. Pet products

Worldwide, people love their pets and record shows that there are 8.5 million dogs in the UK and 7.8 million cats. This record shows the amount of money you can gain from this business through pet accessories. Spending on pets is obviously one of the few markets that maintained steady growth for a long time now. There are 20,000 monthly searches on pet products keywords, which is a strong evidence that pet owners are considering e-commerce to buy products for their animals.

  1. Healthy pet food

People don’t only buy accessories for their pets, but also buy healthy food for their pets. However, natural and organic pet food is still a niche, but it is the only one that can really thrive. Though the competition is low, this creates an edge to take a portion of the market for yourself. Guess what? Cannabidiol pet food and products are HUGE and very few people have woken up to this fact. In fact, Edmon Mamane, the CEO of said the following: “There is a giant awakening about the benefits of cannabidiol for pets. We see this as one of the biggest new trends that will take America soon”.

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is technically not an industry but a method of sourcing products from third parties. This is how it works: Instead of you doing the job of searching for your product, storing, packaging and shipping them out, your supplier does all and manages the whole process while you relax and collect the margin. This is a fair method of beginning an online shop, which can either be an effective solution or an easy way of trying if e-commerce is for you. The benefit is, whether you want to focus on a particular set of core products, or you prefer a large store that covers a whole range, the choice is all yours; you can be specific or general as you want.

  1. Electric vehicles

This might be a difficult idea to try out, but electric vehicles are becoming more advanced, efficient and more popular. This market is a young one and primed to take off. People are also looking for products that improve the health of the planet. So, as electric cars become more and more efficient, so is the market also going to grow and grow.

Conclusion: What to choose?

Many would say: “pick something you are passionate about, something that won’t bore you down after your first research”. However, numbers talk. The above products and services are serious trends to tap – and that’s how you will thrive in e-commerce. Exploiting new trends that others fail to fulfill – or fulfilling them better than those who are currently riding the wave is the way forward.

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