Top 3 tips to a better ecommerce experience

Experience has been building as a buzzword around online shopping for a couple of years now. However, many merchants have yet to upgrade their online portals, on-site search capabilities, or even recommendations engine. Here are three tips to upgrade the ecommerce experience ahead of the holiday season.

A user-friendly interface and shopping cart

“[These things] are fundamental,” said Chris Lueck, CEO, FastSpring. “67% of online shoppers who begin a purchase ultimately abandon their carts before converting. The biggest problem online businesses face is cart abandonment. When you dismiss clutter such as limited check-out features, compromised website data, poor transaction security and a non-mobile friendly interface, this keeps shoppers engaged and coming back for more.”

Think about localization.

“Where are your customers and how can you convert this to dollars? Which languages should your platform prioritize? Whether you’re selling to a consumer in New York City or a start-up in Latin America, you have to make sure the content and prices on your site reflect the geography and currency of all visitors stopping by,” said Lueck.

Always A/B test!

“The benefit of running an ecommerce site is that you can always test and optimize different features. A few components that should always be tested include special offers, the number of steps in the checkout process, and CTA buttons,” said Lueck.

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