Should all online stores have a blog?

’m going to answer this with the same statement. Although telling the story behind you and your products or sharing a customer story can bring value, blogging is not necessary for every store owner. There are certain industries where consumers are going to look for that content to help them make buying decisions.

All Content Is Not Created Equally

Then there are other industries where that’s not going to happen. They may not even look for content, or if content is presented to them, they may just turn their noses up at it.

It depends on what your customers want, what they’re seeking out prior to purchase. You may find that you’re putting all this time, sweat, and effort into a blog, but it’s falling flat. Maybe that’s because your customers don’t need content to make a purchasing decision. In that case, other activities like social media, or even things like in-person marketing, trade shows, and yes, even direct mail, could be more effective.

Content Creation Takes Time and Resources

Content marketing is a very effective marketing strategy. But it’s not necessarily something that everyone can do, especially right away, especially if you are starting up your store and are running a one-man or one-woman shop. You may want to produce content, but you don’t have the time or the resources. It’s something that’s perfectly fine for you to put on the back burner and do later. You can start with something you can manage yourself, say a Twitter account. Or start with sending one email a month and doing a little email marketing.

Start Blogging When It’s Right For You and Your Business

You can start with running promotions on your site. You don’t have to have a blog right away. That’s something you can do a year from now, two years from now, three years from now, or even just a month from now. By then, you will have a better grasp of what time and resources are available to you. Or the time may come when have more resources available.

Those are the two things that it comes down to: Is a blog an effective tool for you? Do you have the time and resources to put into it? If you answer those two questions honestly, you can’t go wrong.

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