9 ways you can use Instagram storytelling to improve Ecommerce conversions

Instagram stories allow you brands to publish videos and photographs that in turn disappear after 24 hours. When a brand or individual has shared story, their profile picture will be highlighted. Followers can then simply click to see the story.

Instagram stories are quick and engaging. They provide a means to share with audiences organically without the formalities often associated with other social media posts. Instagram stories are perfect for sharing in the moment thoughts and reactions.

Anyone can use Instagram stories to connect with their audiences. When handled correctly, ecommerce brands can also use storytelling on the Instagram platform to drive conversions.

Use Stickers And Tags

 Instagram allows you to location tag your stories. This will make your location relevant stories easier to find for those who will find them most relevant. For example, if you share a story related to a local event where your business will be present, location tagging will help to ensure it reaches potential attendees.

Instagram stickers are elements that you can add to your stories guide user engagement. These include:

  • Poll stickers to encourage user feedback
  • Question stickers that allow users to ask and answer questions
  • Selfie stickers to include your pictures in your story
  • Product stickers are for shopping approved account, and allow users to tap a product you have tagged to learn more and then make a purchase
  • Music stickers are in limited use but they allow you to share music as part of your stories
  • Hashtag stickers will take users to a hashtag page upon clicking

Add Links to Story Posts

 There are essentially two ways to use links in story posts. The first is to simply add links within your story posts to other content. This can include product pages, landing pages, blog posts, videos, or other content. As with any other form of storytelling, if your Instagram stories are engaging enough, those links can serve as powerful calls to action.

If you have more than 10K followers, you can also add a ‘swipe up link’. This allows mobile users to swipe up to learn more about your message. Finally, take the time to link to your Instagram stories in your other content. Let your audience know when you have published something new that might be interesting to them.

Measure Story Success With Analytics

Fortunately for business users, Instagram Analytics has a large number of signals they can use to track the success of their stories. Use these analytics to determine how many people responded to your stories, tapped on your stickers, or otherwise engaged with them. Analytics also provides information on bounce rates and views. Use this information to identify the stories that are working for you, and those that aren’t. Then, use the information to curate better stories in the future.

Don’t Eliminate The Planning Steps

One of the great things about Instagram stories is their spontaneous, natural feel. Just remember that what can seem spontaneous and natural to viewers is often fairly well planned. No, stories don’t need to be fully scripted or professionally produced. Still, some planning can help.

It may be beneficial to think of your Instagram stories as episodes in an online new magazine about your company. Each story essentially serves as a feature. You can even plan different features to be published regularly. These might include:

  • Information on New Products
  • Sharing Industry Updates
  • Company News

Whatever you plan to share, take the time to create at least a bit of an outline on what you plan to say, and the subject you are covering. You won’t sound scripted. Instead, you’ll find that the story flows better if you engage in a bit of preliminary planning.

Make Special Announcements

Opening a new location, launching a new product line, a celebrity endorsement, an upcoming sale or event, or receiving a reward; these are just a few examples of newsworthy events that could impact your business and interest your audience.  Instagram storytelling is a great platform to share breaking news about your business. Once you’ve shared your news, you can then route customers to relevant blog posts, landing pages, or other content.

Share Product How to Advice

Product education can play a key role in attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones. By using Instagram to share product advice, how to videos, tips, or to answer frequently asked questions about your products, you can:

  • Create leads
  • Drive traffic to landing pages
  • Satisfy confused or unhappy customers
  • Provide customers with needed information
  • Earn word of mouth recommendations
  • Motivate customers to upgrade or purchase complementary products

Give Audiences a Behind The Scenes Take

If you plan to use Instagram to share serialized content with your audience, consider using ‘behind the scenes’ as one of your regularly featured stories. It’s well established that people enjoy getting a behind the scenes look at their favorite brands. Let them get to know the people and the processes behind your company, products, and services.

Curate User Generated Content

 User generated content is always a great way to get people interested in your brand and products. According to Dina Indelicato, a contributor at Pick Writers, “Even when there’s a high level of trust between a brand their audience, that usually pales in comparison to that between people and their peers. When you share pictures and videos of your audience using and enjoying your products, that makes a big impact on potential customers.”

In addition to that point, sharing user generated content creates a sense of community. It helps to develop brand loyalty, and encourages customer engagement.

Share Time Sensitive Information

The temporary nature of Instagram stories makes them a great place to create FOMO, and to share time sensitive information. If you’ve got a limited time offer, short sale, overstock, or other short term event, take a few minutes to put together an announcement to share with your audience.

Closing Thoughts

Storytelling has always been an effective means of communicating with others and creating engagement. With Instagram storytelling, brands now have one more highly visual and effective way share their stories. When this tools are used the right way, it can drive traffic to landing pages, educate customers about products, share key branding information, and ultimately boost conversions.

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