5 Ecommerce PPC myths busted with data

Doing PPC for an e-commerce website is amazing. You can literally see how every dollar spent on AdWords is being transformed into real conversions and sales. But sometimes things go wrong, and you watch your money being poured down the drain.

There are hundreds of reasons why your AdWords campaign might be underperforming, and many of them are related to common myths and misconceptions. We all used to trust mantras like “every ad should contain a call to action,” but then discover that this is not always the case. So we decided to rely on data and looked at the most common trends and statements in PPC.

To help e-commerce businesses achieve success in 2018, we carried out a comprehensive study of 8,000 e-shops operating in different verticals. It gives a complete picture of how the e-commerce industry is leveraging SEO, PPC, and content in their marketing efforts and which trends are worth adopting in 2018.

In particular, we wanted to find out if any of the popular myths concerning AdWords strategies in e-commerce are worth trusting. Let’s take a look at the results!

Source: https://www.semrush.com/blog/e-commerce-ppc-myths-busted-with-data/?img=f87a6f66